Professional Disclousre Statement

Professional Education and qualifications

Judy Selvaraj
Registered Educational Psychologist
Registered Teacher

MA (Hon) in Psychology, The University of Auckland
BA (Psychology and Education, The University of Auckland
Dip Teaching (The University of Auckland)
Registered Educational Psychologist (Registration No 90-01991)
Registered Teacher (Registration No 148573*)
Trainer for Friends Programme


All discussions with a psychologist are strictly confidential and, when engaged by others, information will not be given to or obtained from third parties without written and signed consent, except those required by law (as outlined in the Code of Ethics, 2002 revised by the NZ Psychologists’ Registration Board).

Services are those related to guidance, advice and support for assessments and outcomes for pre- schoolers through to adults.

The Code of Ethics (2002) has been developed by the NZ Psychologists Board, The NZ Psychological Board and the NZ College of Clinical Psychologists and are practice requirements for all Registered Educational Psychologists.

*Full Category of Registration