• Difficulty remaining still or staying seated
  • Can be wriggly, moving arms and legs; often fidgety
  • Fiddles with objects
  • Active often
  • Runs, climbs and on the go at home
  • Frequently moves excessively, even during sleep
  • May have difficulty being quiet
  • Clothes and shoes tend to wear out much faster than normal


  • Can have poor concentration/attention or difficulty keeping mind on work
  • Unable to listen easily
  • Can have difficulty starting and finishing tasks
  • Often makes careless mistakes
  • Prone to giving up easily and can be easily bored


  • Acts quickly without thinking such as running on to roads without checking
  • Less well developed defective hindsight (unable to learn from experience)
  • Can be accident-prone
  • Has difficulties following rules or waiting their turn
  • May interrupt others or talk too much